Malicoat100_digital_57[3]Geoff Malicoat is an elder law attorney, small business owner, and avid outdoorsman who was born and raised in the Tri-City area. He attended Faith Lutheran School in Bay City from preschool until the 8th grade and then attended and graduated from Heritage High School in Saginaw Township where he was a captain of the Varsity Ice Hockey Team.

Geoff is also a proud alumnus of Michigan State University and Thomas M. Cooley Law School where he earned his Juris Doctorate degree and a Masters degree of Laws in Taxation.

After watching his grandfather lose his sound judgment, life savings and eventually his home because he was afflicted with Alzheimer’s dementia, Malicoat knew that he was called to serve the senior citizen community.

While in law school, Geoff served as a volunteer with the 60 Plus Elder Law Clinic providing legal services to low income senior citizens. It was this service that inspired him to dedicate his professional career to serving the needs of the senior citizen community.

And it was his years of service as an attorney advocate for senior citizens and their families that motivated him to ask his fellow citizens for the privilege of serving as their Representative for the 98th District in the State House of Representatives.

“I have been incredibly fortunate in my life and am not so naive not to recognize that much of that good fortune is because of the wonderful country and state my elders left as their legacy. No senior citizen should go to bed hungry or be forced to choose between food or medicine, not in this country, not in this state, and certainly not while our state government doles out lavish tax breaks to special interests who can afford to buy a governor, attorney general, and legislature. I believe that the peoples’ work is done best when we are represented by our fellow citizens and not by career politicians sent by special interests to curry favor and engage in crony capitalism.”

Geoff Malicoat is committed to go to Lansing to work for the residents of Midland and Bay County by:

  • rolling back the unfair tax on pensions,
  • eliminating confiscation of senior citizens’ homes to pay for nursing home care, and finally,
  • fixing our crumbling roads with a plan that is equitable and does not increase the tax burden on the middle class.

Please click on the “Contact Geoff” link to share your thoughts in an email or to schedule a time to personally discuss how our state government can better serve you.